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If you want to protect your Windows XP systems from WanaCry/WanaCrypt ransomware install the following patch from Microsoft. Windows 7/8/10 just run Windows Update, it was patched back in March.More info here: to Microsoft Update Catalog for KB4012598 (server maybe overloaded): analysis (just in case): 3530b7890c22096693fd473d8c6455b9992ac4aa400e1b8ce14d0049234c489d MD5: 3AD11C9883051E5A5EEC5A000DC4C37CEDIT: Removed URL parsing as RFD messes up some links due to affiliated links, so copy and paste if needed.

Sigh, have to patch 2 XP machines at work, hopefully on Monday instead of this weekend. Just checked our compliance record with MS\’s April patch and 24% of our Win7 machines are still pending a reboot. Right now we are debating if we are going to push out a reboot command to these machines or just try calling a few hundred people on Monday and tell them they need a reboot. Can\’t wait till we implement a maintenance window and force these machines to reboot at least monthly.

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