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First and foremost, I am not looking to start a flame war, please keep all the replies constructive.History:I am techie and I have been with Windows and building my own computers since Windows 3.1. I like Windows and I am comfortable with it; I can troubleshoot any issues and for me Windows is running great. The thing that I like the most in Windows is the window management (Windows 11 is even better at that) and the way the task bar and system tray works. Plus, the fact that I can function pretty much just by chilling back and clicking around with the mouse with minimal keyboard input. I don\’t game anymore and use an ultrabook laptop for all my digital life and work. At home I have it connected via Thunderbolt dock to an external monitor and peripherals. All was good in Windows land until my laptop broke and I am looking around to see what options I have. My requirements are something thin and light but with some kick, a nice premium display, 2TB SSD (a must) and 16GB ram minimum (ideal would be 32 GB). I would also prefer a 3:2 ratio display (this is what I am currently using), or at least 16:10. I looked around at the Dell XPS 13 and Surface Pro 8 and I am shocked to see how much a full optioned machine cost nowadays. Plus I have to upgrade the SSD to 2TB on the XPS (there is no 2TB factory option) and for the Surface Pro 8 I don\’t have that option at all, there isn\’t no 2TB SSD that would fit. All these end up costing more than a MacBook and an Apple machine has been traditionally more expensive. Even the fully customizable Frame.Work laptop costs a bit more than a MacBook. Crazy world we live in.Enter the MacBook option:I can configure a M1 MacBook Air with 2TB and 16GB ram and it is a machine with quite a bit of kick. Bang for the buck it is by far the best option compared to similar Windows laptops. I have ordered a Macbook Air M1 like that last year when it was launched but after a few days of using it, I couldn\’t make the transition from Windows and sent it back. At that time, my Windows laptop was still running fine and I could go back to Windows. I don\’t have that luxury anymore. macOS transition?If I decide to give macOS another try, for those who have made the switch, how quickly did you adapt to macOS and the way Apple does things? For me, the most annoying thing in macOS is the window management, the way the minimize/close buttons work and the fact that for most apps, if I want to open them not in window mode, I have to drag the corner and enlarge the window. For me, this is very … archaic and backwards. I haven\’t explored any ways to improve this, but I know there are apps out there that make macOS function a bit closer to Windows, but I am not sure to what extent. Can it be done? Can someone who lived with Windows for decades fully switch to macOS for work and play? I have watched a few tutorials on YouTube and it seems the grass is not greener on the Apple side, it is just …. different. I am even more confused. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

I\’m a Windows guy like you, been using it since the 95 days. I switched to a Mac some years back, and switched back to Windows after a couple of years. Now I use a Mac for work all day every day. I\’m fairly proficient with both. They are really not that different unless you need to use specialized software. You\’d be fine with either I think.Personally though I\’d rather use Windows. I\’m more used to its idiosyncrasies and software options (e.g. notepad++) than OS X. It also has better compatibility with specialized software and hardware.BTW for maximizing windows in OS X, you can just double click the title bar.

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