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I\’m needing help looking for a Windows tablet. Light use during travel, surfing the net, MS Office. Something under $500.Here are some models that caught my attention but either price is not yet hot or OOS. What models would you recommend? Based on my price range I seem to keep coming back to Asus Transformer. Is this a good hardware?$649 … 2740225400$229 OOS … 8c2bd7en02

If you go the Transformer book way, don\’t buy the model you listed. The newest model (T100HA) has a better processor (Z8500) and windows 10 out of the box. I have a windows tablet and windows 10 is a breeze compared to windows 8 (faster, easier to use, more custumizable).If you don\’t mind buying refusrbished, the newest model is for sale at nmicrovip : … furbished/ for 175 + shipping.This is a 32GB version.

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