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Windows or Xbox Insider? In Victoria, B.C.?We’re looking to connect with other Windows Insiders in Victoria, or people that are curious about what the Windows Insider program is all about.  This includes not only Windows 10, but the Xbox Preview, Office Preview and Skype Preview. This is going to be an informal gathering, just a chance to get to know other local enthusiasts.  We’re also going to have three new not-yet-available-in-Canada pieces of hardware to check out; a Surface Dial for the artistic types, the new Alcatel Idol 4S Windows phone, and Mouse Computers new Windows Hello add-on camera.The Windows 10 Creators update is just around the corner, and Insiders help shape the direction it takes!  Join us, and get to know the other curious and enthusiastic Windows users in Victoria!  If you have ideas on how the #WINsiders4Good could be mobilized to help a community in need in Victoria, bring those ideas along for discussion as well.Sign up here: Victoria Windows Insiders

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