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Lately I\’ve been noticing that Windows 7 update stays stalled waiting for ages for a response from Microsoft when I run it on one of my laptops that\’s set to manual update. Annoying, but no big deal. But today I noticed that all my other Win7 systems are burning 25% CPU time in a svchost task when they should be idle. It turns out that it\’s Windows Update using the CPU time, apparently because it\’s stalled waiting on Microsoft. Killing the Windows Update service puts the idle CPU % back over 99%.Time to set Windows Update back to Manual on all my Win7 systems.

I had the same problem. Waited for hours for Windows Update to actually get the files. There is a KB file fix for it. Cant remember which one. My CPU is back to near zero. But I since turned Windows Update off completely since Microsoft keeps trying to download the full Windows 10 secretly.

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