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Hey allI have an old ThinkPad X201 (old i7 processor, massive samsung ssd and 8 gb or ram used for Windows 10) which successfully installed Windows 11. However, I noticed two distinct problems1) The laptop randomly shuts down from time to time for no apparent reason2) When I power up plugged in, it boots into the OS. When not plugged in, the laptop shuts down as soon as I see the Windows 11 logoAny ideas? I feel both could be BIOS related-but am unsure. Obviously, I bypassed the TPM requirements but I doubt that\’s the issue. I have another IBM Thinkpad 530 which works with no issues whatsoever.

The battery is exhausted and won\’t hold a charge for long when unplugged and shutsdown. (X201 is an old laptop and likely old batteries)

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