Windows 11 Clean Install Question

The short answer is Yes, your Windows 11 will activate after a clean install, assuming you install the same edition, IE: Home or Pro. You do not need to do Windows 10 first.

Hopefully this question makes sense.I know Microsoft is offering free upgrades to Windows 11 from Windows 10. I\’m actually running Windows 11 now from the dev support channel. When Windows 11 is released on ISO (via Media Creation Tool) I want to do a clean install. Here\’s where I hope my question is clear: since I\’m currently running Windows 11 has Microsoft\’s system been updated to include my CPU serial number and whatever else they record to ensure I\’m running a legit copy? I don\’t want to do a fresh install only to be told I need to purchase a $100+ license. And I\’d prefer not to do a fresh install of Windows 10, first, and then upgrade to 11. I want brand spanking new fresh install and have Microsoft see I\’m running a legit copy.

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