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I believe the Windows 10 thread deserves a fork in light of Windows 11 and the more pressing need for \’Amelioration\’.I begin with this post from @gamerthumbs.gamerthumbs wrote: ↑This thread has grown so much. Very interesting.The Sophia projects (Script and SophiApp) are preparing with the upcoming Windows 11.- New update should be coming out today I hope for Sophia Script: Wrapper (GUI Front-end) info: … loat-tool/The FreeTimeTech general \’Windows 10 Debloater\’ has been updated since May 2021. … ol-by-ftt/The Sycnex Windows 10 Debloater has been updated too:

Reddit user, BattleScones, claims he\’s Ameliorated Windows 11 and posts an informal AMA.Source: … _it_as_my/From the user himself:Biggest one [issue] was Installing Net Framework 3.5, it doesn\’t install natively and I ended up having to use DISM within an elevated command prompt using the untouched DEV ISO. Nothing else worked.Also, the Installer itself is locked down to only work with TPM 2.0 enabled systems (Which isn\’t standard) So I had to inject the WIM package into a Vanilla 20H2 ISO to allow it to work on anything.

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