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I am having issue login into due to olg thinking I am not located in Ontario.I did not have issues login in before but I recently upgraded my computer and did a fresh install of Windows 10, this is when it all started.I did go over all the basics like clear cookies, cache, ON/OFF location from Windows 10 settings doesn\’t seems to matter (i\’ll explain later) and tested with multiple web browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Opera all giving me same location issue when trying to log in.With Google Chrome, after I do any search than scroll down to bottom of the page, it is properly showing my location. Clicking \”Use precise location\” doesn\’t do anything because it already has the accurate location. Same results from incognito mode as well.What is funny is… I can log in every single time with Microsoft Edge browser without any issues. What the heck, eh? What do you thing the problem is? Windows 10? I really don\’t think it is a issue with the web browsers. Have a completely overlooked something?I would greatly appreciate some feedbacks.Thanks.

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