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RFD,I have this Windows 10 laptop with a built-in WIFI adapter. I have an external USB dongle as well that I\’m using. Both are connected to my home AP and have Rx unique IPs.The question is can I use office VPN to one WI-FI adapter and make Windows/all other apps to use the other USB dongle? How can this be done?The problem is as soon as I get on the corporate VPN, all other things like Outlook, Skype, Google, Gmail, general web browsing dont work. They do this for security reasons. Only way for me to use for general browsing is to disconnect corporate VPN. I\’ve been fighting with the VPN team for 2 weeks now ha-ha. I know they have other VPN profiles for other people that work fine. I\’m not sure why some teams and/or groups within the company are provided this dinky profile.

VPN\’s do not choose a network interface to route your traffic through.They encapsulate all your traffic into the VPN regardless what your network is, so having a second network won\’t allow you to split app traffic because the VPN profile is told to capture all app traffic before it exits your device/network interface.You might want to look into having a browser like firefox, proxy through a tunnel you can reach and bypass the VPN proxy from blocking your traffic.

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