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i was reading the comments under some refurb computers on amazon and bestbuy and noticed some people were expecting to get window 7 and got 10…they were disappointed.these are computers with 8gb ram, i5 cpu. why would one prefer windows 7 over windows 10? i havent done much research on computers lately but i think windows 10 is a good os based on what i heard (not like windows vista…for example…or windows me…if you remember that)any comments? why would one prefer 7 over 10? thanks!

if you\’re on 7 stay on 7.If you\’re on 8 well stay on 8.I used to say upgrade to 10 with 8 but I just can\’t recommend 10 anymore as an upgrade with it\’s ads showing up left and right. \”You should be using Edge it uses 60% less CPU then Firefox.\” or Win10 changing my Irfanview a well known/loved picture viewer/editor back to Photos.Put Classic Shell on 8 and disable all the hot corners.But that\’s today, maybe tomorrow i\’ll like 10.

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