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Hey Folks, need your advice here.I hear that free windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 expires in a month.I have a few windows 7 lappies from 2010-1012 laying around and asking me if I give them an upgrade.I\’m not sure, TBH.. Tried to read episodically Internet discussions on the topic, but still not sure.On one hand, they say win10 has superior memory management, and some other advantages (which ones?).On the other hand, they say win10 updates by itself, not user-controlled, and can do so at any unpredictable moment, which is not comfortable at all for me. Besides, they say win10 has adware/spyware built-in, which is not comfortable either.Need some input, mainly concentrated around two-three questions, I guess:- can one fully control win10 updates?- can one disable built-in ad/spyware (via hidden options, registry tricks etc)?- what advantages win10 has to offer?TIA!P.S. I\’m sure I\’m not the first here with these questions, but as they say repetitio est mater studiorum…

There\’s no real advantage to Win10, and no real incentive to update currently from Win7, but it\’s possible you might be forced to go to Win10 some time in the future since Microsoft is trying hard to move everybody along. If your system has enough remaining life that you might want it to run Win10 someday, do this:Step 1: Do a full system backup of your Win7 systemStep 2: Attempt an upgrade install of Win10. If that fails, wipe and attempt a fresh install using your existing Win7 key. If successful, your system is now permanently qualified to install Win10. If that fails, forget it and don\’t lose any sleep over it.Step 3: Restore Win7 from backup (Microsoft rollback is not reliable). Resume using Win7.

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