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Hi Gents,For maximum ease, I\’m looking to move a Windows 10 Installed NVMe SSD from an Intel i5 10th Generation laptop to an AMD 4500U laptop.Old Computer ||| New ComputerSSD (Source) ==> SSD (Transplanted)Immediately, when I try to boot on the new system, I expect the following:(1) Laptop posts.(2) Boot process begins.(3) Bluescreen Crash or Quick Restart.(4A) Boot Looping (2,3), or;(4B) Restarts to Windows Repair Function(5) If (4B) Engage Repairs & Reboot(6A) Drive boots to Windows normally with expired license notifications(6B) Drive initializes (4A,4B)Can I safely boot the SSD on a new laptop after moving the physical SSD to that new machine from an old machine?I want to minimize time and hassle on this one. I will re-obtain Windows 10 and Office 2019 licenses if the need arises, and re-license on the new machine.Your input is appreciated.

cdniron wrote: ↑It\’s unlikely to work at all without a bunch of effort and fixing it will be time consuming.Best is to backup and do a clean install windows 10. Worry about the licence later. You don\’t need a licence to install windows 10, it\’s free to download the usb key making application from microsoft … /windows10

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