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Hi all,I have a ThinkPad P50s laptop that I\’m going to sell in the future. A while back (something during April 2019), I recently upgraded my RAM to 32GB and an SSD at 1TB (When I first got that computer back in May 2017, it came with 16GB RAM and a 1TB 5400RPM mechanical hard drive).The operating system that came with the laptop is Windows 10 Home. Over the weekend, I\’ve did a full reset using the \”Reset This PC\” option. I select the \”Remove files and clean the drive\” selection and then once that was completed, I\’ve restarted my computer to initiate the reset process.At that stage, Windows was initiating the reset process. While things were progressing, it became stuck at \”Resetting this PC\” at 42% (for my case).I\’ve left my computer running over the course of the weekend and it appears that there wasn\’t any traction since then. I wanted to know from your experiences how long did it take to wipe the Windows 10 installation into a \”factory-fresh\” state (either in your experience or something similar to mine)?What should I do if my laptop got stuck at the \”Resetting this PC\” stage? I\’m worried that it could potentially damage (and have an impact) of the overall stability of the Windows 10 installation as a whole.Should I leave my computer as it is until the reset has been completed?Also, should the reset has been completed and I wanted to have the buyer to configure their system by themselves, what are the steps?

Probably best to shut down and restart computer at this point… had it happen once and just restarted computer by pressing power button for several seconds.Might also be good idea to get latest w10 iso on dvd or usb and do clean install… it will activate with digital lic.

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