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Hi folks,I have a Surface Pro 4 tablet that is running Windows 10 Pro and I wanted to inquire on some advice – in regards of performing a \”clean install\” of the operating system in the tablet.If I intend to reinstall my operating system, should I:

  • sign out from my Microsoft account (if it\’s configured)? Currently, I\’m using a local account (that I\’ve configured on the tablet) for security reasons.
  • remove my device from my Microsoft account
  • sign out from Cortana

Although my tablet is currently working okay without any issues, I just wanted to make sure if I\’m doing the right steps – if I intend to clean install my tablet (and/or other computer) that is running Windows 10.

Dunno about a Surface but on my PC if I have to clean install Windows 10, and I use a local account as well only, Cortana is disabled permanently via Group Policy, I just leave everything as is, format and set everything back up the way I like it. No need to sign out of everything. Just wipe the device and go. Just remember all your passwords when you get back, lol.

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