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Alright. Have been using the Windows native Import app for importing photos for many years. It does a good job at knowing which photos from your media card has already been imported and will only import new ones to the selected folder. And it even imports and dump things into folders by date. The latest Win 10 update killed this app. Well, Win 10 already brought on issues where this app would sometimes create incorrect folders based on the date. It\’s been a well document glitch that no one at Microsoft can fix. Now, Microsoft Photos as it is called has a new logo and crashes on every import. In fact, it defaults to \”None selected\” when you try an import but after selecting any items manually or Only import new items since last import, the app hangs and crashes. Tried to repair and reset the entire app and nothing has fixed it. Even ran DOS Prompt commands as supplied by MSFT so I can re-download and install from the MSFT store. Guess what. It says app cannot be downloaded as it requires an online MSFT account. This PC is not linked to their online account and runs a local user. Does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement? Need these:1. App smart enough to know what was imported in the past and only import new items.2. Able to dump imports to a specified folder and create folders based on date of photos taken.

What if you right-click on the device in File Explorer\\This PC and Import that way?

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