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My PC has been running Windows 10 just fine, until recently. Issues are:1. Ethernet (via an wifi extender, pc is in basement, Router on the first floor) shows connected, but no internet. The extender\’s wifi doesn\’t work either.2. Tried another extender, same problems.3. Main wifi (without using extender) which is connected directly to the router can\’t connect to internet even though it shows connected if the Ethernet adapter is enabled, In order to use the main wifi, the Ethenet adapter has to be disabled. 4. Main wifi is unstable, and is disconnected by itself sometimes when in useThings i tired:1. update network adapter to latest driver2. Factory reset bother extenders,3. Factory reset modem/router4. Reinstalled windows 10 from scratchnothing worked so far.I have found some similar cases and they are said to be caused by the latest windows 10 update.I am wondering if any one here has come across similar problems and know if any solutions.thanks,

Try eliminating the intermediate steps. See if the PC works connected to the modem by ethernet. Add one piece at a time (e.g., connecting to wi-fi via primary router next, then extender…)

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