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The problem with Microsoft, is that they don\’t seem to know which is the strategy that they will follow, not only in terms of UI, but for platform development and general consistency.Take the File Explorer for example: from Windows 8 onwards, Microsoft pushed for a new app platform, that will ultimately substitute Win32 with a plan to transfer all legacy components to it. This saw a lot of iterations over the next versions, until it reached the Universal Windows Platform, that a lot of Windows 10 components are based on. Start menu, taskbar, the new Settings app, Action Center etc. So, the logical thing was that over the next years, all legacy Win32 components would be phased out and new, UWP versions will be released. As newer Windows 10 versions were being released and Microsoft did not bother to develop a dark mode for File Explorer, a lot of people logically assumed that it had a UWP version under development. This would be the rational thing, right?Alas, no. Microsoft again appeared out of nowhere with the same questionable strategy and just gave a beta version of the dark theme (as others have correctly put it) to the legacy File Explorer. Why, if they are developing a UWP version of it, which will support it \”out of the box\”? The answer: they will stick to Win32! Is there any other reason to implement and spend so much time and development effort if in the next version they will remove it completely? And if they decided to support Win32 all over again, why they developed Settings at all? Why didn\’t they kept the old Control Panel, rename it to Settings and give a serious UI refresh? That doesn\’t add up.After all, it\’s not that they are inconsistent with UI. They are inconsistent even to their strategy of supporting/abandoning Win32/UWP. It\’s been 3 years and 6 updates and Control Panel is still out there, making the OS look ugly and incomplete. Of course, to completely phase out it is a huge amount of work but they are not even working on that way; the last time a Control Panel setting was completely (and not merely, like basic sound settings) migrated from the former one to Settings was in version 1703. Two versions before! All the other changes and additions, are just shuffling around things between CP and Settings but keeping double settings (or some basic ones to the latter and more advanced ones to the former -e.g. Fonts co-exist in both applications but the more advanced settings are only in Control Panel).In my opinion, what they need to do, is sit down and actually PLAN the next few years, which will be the strategy across the OS. Which will be the UI language, development platform, which components will be phased out and which will stay. It\’s better actually to keep old but tested components and give them a new look than to develop incomplete components and have a mediocre OS.

I have basically abandoned Windows.iOS tracks youAndroid tracks youWindows is worse than both iOS and AndroidI am exploring Linux. I am looking for the proper desktop environment. Just haven\’t found one yet

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