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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop (i5 7gen, Ram 8GB) and have owned it for year or so. It ran fine to begin with but now the disk usage in performance monitor (Windows 10) shows 100% much of the time. There are times when the device is unusable, and I am running only a web browser (Firefox and/or Edge) most of the time. I don\’t even have Office installed. I use Windows antivirus – not sure what it is called. It also has Malwarebytes. I checked the web for solutions and I have switched off the services that may be causing the problem but the problem persists. I believe the big Windows update in September or October of last year caused the problem. I have a SSD sitting around but not sure if swapping the drive will fix the issue. I am afraid the drive might fail with such high constant use, not just brief pegs.Has any been through this?

open up resource manager in windows to find out which process/application is using the disk the most to find your answer. Guessing here isn\’t helpful.

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