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Hi I seem to never have my windows 10 mini pc scaled properly through an av receiver. Neither my 5 or 6 year old denon avr 1700 or my new pioneer 1131 from the recent amazon deal seem to be able to scale windows 10 at 1080p properly with the screen being over scaled. Scales properly through a cheap $10 hdmi switcher or directly connected to one of the tvs inputs, which is what I usually end up doing. All other devices scale fine.Anyone else encounter this problem and/or can suggest a solution othe than direct to tv?Thanks in advance.

If the video card has an HDMI and DVI connection, connect directly to the TV using DVI, connect to the receiver using HDMI, set the receiver as the audio playback device, and extend the desktop from the TV to the receiver.I\’ve been doing this for years with a 1080p TV and now a 4K TV.

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