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Hi Gang,As you know the easy and friendly \’easy transfer\’ feature from Windows 7/8.1 is gone in Windows 10. Instead, Microsoft recommends the free or paid software called LapLink PCMover.Not impressed but I went with the flow.Now that I\’ve partially imaged the old machine, I\’m \’unloading [the] transfer file\’ on the new system. That\’s where the problem hits, as the progress bar just sits at zero and nothing happens (in the \’File Transfer Window\’).Any ideas what could be going on?I\’m stuck at Step 10 after hitting \’Next\’, it says \’please be patient\’ on the resource below, but there\’s no network communication required. The image file is local on the new computer, and the new system (Ryzen 4700U laptop) is a powerhouse. Even now it says \’Estimated time remaining: Calculating…\’, meanwhile computer usage doesn\’t break a few percent.Source: gents.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans seems to be easier, though the free limit of 500mb is a little rough.Cleaner sleeker interface.

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