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Ugh, as if RMAing a motherboard wasn\’t enough hassle, I know find Windows 10 not liking the new motherboard which is the same model. Call me old school, but I don\’t like Microsoft accounts. I\’ve been using a local account since the dawn of time and continue to do so. I don\’t use Store apps. After launching the Activation troubleshooter, it is of no help and wants me to enter or create a Microsoft account. I have one, but no idea if it\’s linked in anyway to this machine, in fact I have no idea what it\’s for. It won\’t let me experiment with the account. If I enter it, it seems like I will lose my local account and be \”upgraded\” to using my Microsoft account to simply sign into my desktop PC that doesn\’t leave my desk. I\’d rather not.I don\’t recall if Windows 10 forced you to create an account or not. My understanding is that linking the account came with one of the updates, so I may never have linked it if I wasn\’t forced to. So getting stuck with a Microsoft account to log in AND still not being activated is not ideal. I believe the free digital license is gone now, so even reinstalling Windows 10 won\’t activate my machine? Any one have any suggestions on how to proceed?

you need to call Microsoft and explain your situation. Their license is tied to the motherboard so with your situation, you need to call them. It\’s the only way.

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