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I have an old Acer X3400 with Athlon II X3 435 2.9 GHz with an integrated nVidia 9200 GPU. (Yes, it\’s an AMD CPU with an on-board nVidia GPU.) It only has Core 2 Duo class performance, but it\’s good enough for my home office since I just use it for Netflix, streaming TV, web browsing, Office, mail, and VPN. Everything seems to be working fine in Windows, but I notice that in Device Manager I have a ? beside the item \”Coprocessor\”.Is there any point in pursuing a fix for this? I see online that the fix is to install the latest version of nVidia Control Panel, or use Windows Update to look for the latest driver, but I already have the latest nVidia Control Panel and Windows Update finds nothing newer. (Windows 10 is the latest version, with all the updates too, with a legit activation.) What does \”coprocessor\” do anyway? Posts in various spots online say it\’s part of the nVidia chipset, but don\’t actually say what it does. The machine seems to work fine otherwise. (I sometimes have had a few glitches with Windows Update, but I think that\’s just Windows Update being Windows Update, and right now everything with Windows Update seems to be working.)

It\’s basically the SM Bus controller. You can follow this (if you don\’t trust the source you can find an old copy of drivers). I\’ve used this on old nForce systems: … dows-8-10/

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