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UPDATE:This thread was originally created to discuss Windows 10 Ameliorated, but it\’s grown to encompass various methods of De-Bloating Windows 10.De-Bloating Windows 10 may include:- Removing Telemetry Features (Privacy Concerns)- Disengaging or Removed Bloatware- Writ-Large Privacy Enhancements- Potential Security EnhancementsDe-Bloating comes with it\’s Pro-Con arguments, some of which are explored herein.For those interested, we share resources, insights, tools, and methods below.===============Hello Gentlemen,It\’s time we talk about a potential gift from Yahweh himself, a version of Windows 10 that is de-bloated, de-spyware\’ed, and installed with improved stability.For reasons of unknown legality, I am not linking to the website here, but you can simply Google \’Windows 10 Ameliorated\’ to find the source page.Windows 10 Ameliorated: SummaryWhat Is This Project?Windows 10 AME aims at delivering a stable, non-intrusive yet fully functional build of Windows 10 to anyone, who requires the Windows operating system natively. Spyware systems, which are abundant in Windows 10 by default, have not been disabled using group policy, registry entries or various other workarounds – they have been entirely removed and deleted from the system, on an executable-level. This includes Windows Update, and any related services intended to re-patch the system via what is essentially a universal backdoor. Core applications, such as the included Edge web-browser, Windows Media Player, Cortana, as well as any appx applications, have also been successfully eliminated. The total size of removed files is about 2 GB.Great effort has been invested in maintaining the subsequent system’s stability, bug-free operation and user experience, as many of these removed services conflict with core Windows 10 features.Source: Developer websiteLTT Take on Windows 10 AME: OverviewThis privacy-focused version of Windows 10 sacrifices cutting edge security.What\’s your take on this slimmed down version of Windows 10?

Sounds cool, but this won\’t fly – MS will shut it down because it\’s unauthorized distribution/piracy. It would have been a different story if the developers made a utility or script that modifies a win10 ISO that you download from MS. I recall MS was very touchy about even distributing the \”free\” downloadable updates back when Windows Updater was around – they had to change the project to download all the updates direct from MS servers rather than having them as a pre-packaged download,Also, for a \”privacy\” focused OS, how can you trust that they haven\’t added something \”extra\” (spyware, keyloggers, etc) to the OS? It\’s not open source, there\’s nobody to vet the code. You could be handing over information to another malicious third party versus MS. No windows update also presents a whole other problem, you may as well just run Windows XP since it\’s also lighter lol

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