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Just bought a pair of bluetooth headphones. Couldn\’t get them to play even when I set the right output on the audio taskbar (lower right side). Eventually found advanced auto settings (App volume and device preference) and had about five Firefox setting, System sound, etc. I had to set each one to the bluetooth headphone setting to get them to work in each app, and even here, I had two different heaphone setting for the same headphones to choose. I normally have audio going through HDMI, then I have desktop speakers, and wired headhones from that when needed. No change in setting required. Not sure what\’s up with these bluetooth headphones to need so much setting up each time (they\’re mixcder 5). Any way to simplify this? Might go back to the Sennheiser 2.4 wireless headphones where I didn\’t have to mess with any of this (they\’re dead now).Just found I can\’t go more than about five feet before they start cutting out, they\’re likely going back.

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