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I recently built a new desktop PC, and installed my old laptop (system) hard drive. My laptop runs genuine Windows 8 Home OEM. I flashed Windows 10 into my new SSD. It did asked me to enter a product key. I bought the key from However, after I signed in the OS using my Microsoft account, my Windows 10 activation page shows \”Digital license linked to your Microsoft account\” instead of \”product key\”. Now I believe my old spinning hard drive just activated Windows 10 using the OEM license of my laptop…??? (I thought the license is usually associated with the motherboard???) Did I waste $150 for the product key? LOL. I don\’t know. The only way to test is to try the key on another PC. Update: Please read the replies below.

You always end up with a \”digital license\” even if you got a key from a store. The difference is the activation method. With a product key activation, you are required to enter the key (which it sounds like you did) but in the end a digital licence is still issued and that\’s what Windows will show: … activationMicrosoft wrote:How you got Windows 10:-You bought a copy of Windows 10 from an authorized retailer.or-You bought a digital copy of Windows 10 from an authorized retailer. Activation [method]:-Product key

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