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Are Windows XP and Vista license keys and media worth anything to anybody anymore?? I\’ve heard rumblings of still being able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free – could this potentially work? Any other uses? These are boxed retail versions with CDs and keys. I also have a couple of Windows 7 ones that the keys work to install Windows 10 so I am keeping those for sure but not sure what to do with the older versions.

Yeah, I would say that full retail is worth keeping/selling. If I were to go that route for a Win10 upgrade, I would only buy full retail of an older Windows, versus buying those cheap keys. Mind you, the majority of people don\’t know or don\’t care (RFD has many examples of this).You can always donate the licencing to Free Geek or whomever. Depends on how much hassle you are willing to go through to make a few bucks :D .

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