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So, I decided to do a fairly large upgrade to my PC which included the motherboard, cpu, ram and gpu. I kept my SSD and storage HDDs because I didn\’t want to lose everything on the HDDs, the SSD is for the OS which is fine if it gets formatted.Anyways, I had one hell of a time getting Windows 10 to install to that SSD. So, once I finally got it installed I logged into my MS account via the installation in order to activate it. It won\’t activate and when I click scan for hardware changes (or whatever the option is called) it can\’t see anything at all from the previous build, surely it can\’t detect the same SSD that was used for the other install?I went to their support/chat and the person basically said I\’m out of luck and need to buy a new product key. For Pro it\’s $249… I\’d rather not pay that considering I just spent $1450 upgrading my PC. I came from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 using the free upgrade. I can\’t find that old product key anywhere and he said that was the only other way I could get this windows reactivated. Seem\’s kind of shitty considering I can see my old PC in my MS Account along with this new one…

According to this site, you have to start back at window 8.1.http://superuser.com/questions/980204/c … om-a-retai

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