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Hello everyone.I have an acer 5315 laptop that i upgraded in the past.The machine will run windows 10(i checked).I have windows vista home on it right now and it is oem.As I understand it,I can not avail the free upgrade to windows 10 home , because windows vista is not allowed the free upgrade.I am trying to think of an economical legal way to upgrade,(or install a new windows 10 oem) to win 10 home.Can I purchase an windows 10 oem disk(install not upgrade) from Amazon or ebay and install it on my laptop in a new ssd (legal)( will it work)?Again not trying to pirate.I thought I read somewhere once that oem windows machine is somehow mated or tied to the machine~s B.I.O.S.The machine in question has sentimental value and I wish to keep using it.Best regardsSpunkydudeA ny advice or thoughts are welcome

Just go to ebay an type Windows 10 PRO in the search, find a seller that sold lots of them in the past 24h and buy an \”OEM\” key for like $5-10 bucks. Get a PRO key, forget home. They will deliver it within the hour.Then just go to the Windows 10 homepage and creation a MCT (Media Creation Tool) with either a DVD or a 8GB or greater USB stick. Make the key through Vista.Then just do a clean install and use the key bought of ebay. It\’s an OEM key and it works.

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