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Hey all – I\’m wondering if anybody has experience with a reliable app that allows you to use your iPad or Android device (either or both, I don\’t care) as your Windows 10 laptop. The webcam on my Acer Swift 3 is hit and miss. It worked fine for a 1-hour staff meeting on Monday and then suddenly it couldn\’t be found. Later, it was very blurry. Then it worked for a bit, and suddenly it\’s got a bunch of horizontal lines and it\’s freezing. I\’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and checked for updated drivers but to no avail. Unless anybody has any other troubleshooting ideas, I need to find an alternative.I tried iVCam yesterday but it felt clunky and I had issues with rotating and flipping the image. I\’ve heard of EpocCam but haven\’t given it a shot yet. I\’m sure there are several free options out there but I\’m hoping to find a recommendation from someone that has found a safe and reliable solution. Thanks so much!

Why not just install the app on your tablet and just do your meeting on your tablet? If you use Microsoft Teams for your meetings then just install Teams on your tablet. Don\’t go through your laptop.

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