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My parents have several Windows Vista and 7 laptops they would like to use as back up laptops for watching movies and internet browsing. They don\’t want them to go to waste so I\’ve already restored them into the original state when they were bought.MS ended security updates for Windows 7 in January and while it looks like I can update them via the update catalog, there are up to a 1000 updates for Windows 7 I\’d have to manually select and download.Are there any other way to download them, or are the old updates not even worth it if they\’re only downloading/watching movies and simple browsing?Thanks

If you\’re attaching these systems to the Internet at all, they should be using an OS and browser that are still actively updated. It may still be possible to upgrade Win7 systems to Windows 10 without paying. Failing that, consider wiping them and loading a currently supported Linux distro — it will be more than adequate for web browsing.

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