Trying to update Windows 10. Windows Update just sits at 0% downloading for 1803. *** Forget it. I just dismantled it. – Forums

I have an old Atom 330 net-top 3 GB machine with SSD that is rarely used, that is for guests only. I figured I\’d update it. It is a legit install, upgraded from the OEM Windows 7 install to Windows 10 during the free upgrade, and had been getting regular updates ever since until early last year. It was mostly off after that which is why it hasn\’t gotten updates since then. I switched it on a few days ago to update it and to move it elsewhere. It did all the small updates but has stopped at the major 1803 update (April 2018) and just always sits at 0% downloading. Dunno why.I see there is now also a 1809 update available, so I figure I\’ll just use the media creation tool to do the update. However, can I just jump straight to 1809? 1809 is not listed in Windows Update as an option on the computer. It just shows 1803 (which it won\’t download).

Insert the key and run setup. Hopefully, it will give you the option to upgrade the current version to 1809.I\’m not 100% sure but I recall upgrading to 1809 and the upgrade process moved the installed 1803 version to a windows.old directory with 1809 in the \”windows\” directory.

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