To activate Win 11, what types of older license are good? | Page 2

Winuser – thanks for info.Some follow-up questions:

  • I now have a Win 7 Pro OEM sticker from an old PC. I don\’t know whether it is 32 or 64 bit. Has anyone actually personally activated a Win 11 with such a sticker?
  • If it turns out my Win 7 Pro sticker is 32-bit, will Win 11 say "Are you kidding? 32-bit is so 2005! Get lost"?
  • I\’ll let you know when I get a chance to try this …

    Axle – thanks for the tip to use slmgr /dli. I had never seen that before.In your case, are you using the same key on a "real" machine (Win 8.1?) and your Win 11 VM? If yes, do you have them running at the same time?Separately from keys, I wouldn\’t think having the same Microsoft accounts on different activated machines would be a problem, but I wouldn\’t know because so far I\’ve stayed local.

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