The Windows 8 Start Menu reimagined and reinvigorated

With Start Menu Reviver you get the traditional functionality of the Start menu, but with a Windows 8 Modern UI look and feel.

Like many keyboard and mouse Windows 8 users, I wished that Microsoft had not completely removed the Start Menu from Windows 8. However, up until recently I have resisted the temptation to just install one of the many Start Menu replacements as I sought to really give the Windows 8 interface a chance. While I have had some feelings of success in this endeavor, I always seem to encounter a certain level of frustration using the Start screen or any of the workarounds that I have developed.

Then, we began hearing about Windows Blue/Windows 8.1 and there were rumors that the Start Menu would be making a comeback. Of course, I had my doubts that Microsoft would just plug a Windows 7 style Start menu in this new version of Windows 8. However, I held out hope that Microsoft was going to reimagine the Start Menu in a new form for Windows 8.1. But now that we have seen demos of Windows 8.1, we know that isn\’t going to happen.

Recently, I decided that enough was enough and began experimenting with some of the available Start menu replacements. I\’d install one, use it for a while, uninstall it, and then install another one.

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