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I am currently restoring a backup on the SSD of my desktop computer.I had installed an ADATA SP600 in July and then upgraded to Windows 10 just before the July deadline. My Windows 7 remains on my original drive with a data partition. Everything was working great. Last weekend, my computer upgraded to the Anniversary edition. I remember there was an initial bug about dual OS on the same machine but that was supposed to be fixed more than a month ago.Anyway, last night, I look into my office and I see a weird light. It was my monitor and an error message \”Invalid Partition Table\’. This was completely out-of-the-blue.I know that certain SSDs can be flaky and some can die quickly – particularly TLC drives. This drive is MLC.So my question is what do you think happened? Was it the SSD crapping out or is the Anniversary Edition bug biting? Installed in July and crashes in early October? That\’s troubling.My restore hasn\’t finished yet but it appears like it\’s going OK.

You\’ll have to test the SSD using .. I don\’t know, a tool, google it, or someone who used one can recommend something.If the SSD is disfunctional, then the SSD itself was the culprit, as a software cannot screw up a SSD on a hardware level. It also means your SSD was defective right out of the manufacturer\’s door since it didn\’t last very long. You probably finally wrote over some bad memory that was never used before and now the data can\’t be read and that data was partition information.If the test tool reports that the SSD is fine, and it turns out that your partition is screwed up on a software level, then ya, maybe the update screwed something up, but it would be odd.Are you using legacy or UEFI?

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