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SOLVED: Ended up buying a used MacBook Air off someone local, made a bootable drive and got the MacBook Pro going using a patched Catalina image.Of course it doesn\’t work.It\’s an A1278 if im not mistaken but quite old. Trying to get into the repair side of MacBook computers.Regardless, I put a 1TB drive into it that I had laying around and when I put the usb stick in and hold option it boots to the boot selection screen but the only thing that shows is EFI, if I select EFI it boots into a Windows repair utility (weirdly enough).Any ideas? The program I used to create it was transmac, with the image being El Capitan.I\’m guessing this is one of those things where the boot drive needs to be created using a Mac?When discussing with another rfd member he stated I would likely need a bootable drive made on a Mac which I understand so I\’m guessing Im somewhat out of luck for any other option.

Have you tried using Internet recovery to reinstall the os?https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/How+to+Sta … ode/119437

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