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Hello,I\’m looking for a small laptop that run Windows (familiarity and convenience) to replace a Dell Zino. The latter is a 8 year-old small-form PC that still runs decently but struggle with some HD content. I\’d like to replace it with something basic to hook up to my future new TV and home theater. A laptop with a 12-inch monitor for instance. I don\’t care for touch screen. I already have an external Blu-Ray player and rip my own movies.I know some people swear by gadgets like Chromecasts and whatnot, but I like having a regular Windows PC I can use like any other computer, with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Small-form computers seems like a really small market; I\’ve been looking at the NUC computers, but it seems that cost-wise, I might as well go with a laptop as my space isn\’t that limited that I need something tiny. I also thought why not make it dual purpose and also use it as a very small laptop to carry while travelling abroad, for instance for backing up pictures taken with my DSLR.I\’d like to pay about $500 or less. Willing to pay more if the bang for my buck is really good (if there is a fantastic deal anywhere for instance). Ideally, I\’m looking for specific deal recommendations.Thanks!edit: Ideally it comes with a SSD, I can\’t stand HDDs anymore. Last time I switched a laptop HDD for an SSD I remember having issues with reinstalling the OS. Hopefully I can avoid that and have something that comes with an SSD.

This is definitively what you want:canada-computers-canada-computers-200-1 … 3-2247404/Just get a MiniHDMI to HDMI adapter or cable, and you\’re good to go.

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