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I run a small home business and use the Quickbooks Desktop software for my accounting needs, as well as light web browsing and email, no gaming. Currently I have a very old Lenovo Windows 7 laptop that has served me well but currently is quite slow. I\’m looking to upgrade to something newer and I\’m considering a small Windows Desktop PC that can be plugged into an existing 24\” monitor. I don\’t need the portability of the laptop. I\’d like something small and modern instead of the old beige/black computer tower. What would RFD recommend me to buy? Thanks!Perhaps something like an Acer Revo One? … B01682HUT2

How about a Lenovo ThinkCentre?I think the Acer looks too much like a toyLook fori5 CPU8 Gigs RAMSSDSmall form factor or ITXExpect to pay $650 – $750 for that

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