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If you have ever created a Windows shortcut you have seen the option on the Shortcut Tab called "Shortcut Key". This Shortcut key allows you to type a keyboard shortcut that you can press to start a program in Windows. However, there is no easy way to view and manager these shortcut keys.We created Shortcut Key Explorer to help you manage the list of shortcut keys you have loaded on your computer. Simply run Shortcut Key Explorer and it will automatically load the existing shortcut keys and display them in an easy to read list. From this list you can double-click on any item and edit the properties of the Windows shortcut. This is great for troubleshooting duplicate shortcut keys or shortcut keys you did not even know existed.Download Shortcut Key Explorer and see what quick hotkeys you are missing. Shortcut Key Explorer is a free download. Click here to download Shortcut Key Explorer v1.04 .

Getting this below for that site.View attachment 15434

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