Shared tasks from Microsoft Teams for personal use are now in To Do

In today\’s digital world tasks are coming our way from many sources. And with that rapid integration with technology, we worry about missing any tasks that are important to us. Microsoft To Do is committed to providing a complete task management solution that keeps people at the center. We want to offer you a single pane of glass for all your tasks by aggregating all tasks that you care for.

To fulfil our promise, we are now integrated with Microsoft Teams for your personal life. Yes, Microsoft Teams isn’t just for work anymore. Now you can connect with your family and friends outside of the office and make calls, chat, plan, and organize things in one place.

Teams for personal use allows users to create group chats and once in a group chat, you can create a shared to-do list and assign tasks to others in the group. Users can create and assign tasks from Teams web, Desktop, and Mobile applications.

Task assignment in shared lists from Teams for personal use – Desktop (above) and Mobile (below)

Another endpoint to track tasks from? Well, To Do is here to help you!

With this integration, all the tasks assigned to a user in Teams for personal use will now be visible to them under their \’Assigned to me’ list in To Do. And with this, everything that you are supposed to do from your Teams\’ shared lists is now aggregated in one place. No more fear of missing out!

The Richness of To Do

Once in To Do, you can apply some of the rich features of To Do on these tasks. You can mark them important, add sub-steps, add due dates, add to My Day while planning, or add notes to keep track of any information related to the task. To provide the users with more context, the task details in To Do specify the Teams shared list name as well.

To Do aggregates tasks from shared lists of Teams for personal use in the \’Assigned to me\’ list

Is that all?

Not really! Teams for personal use allows users to capture tasks from their messages in mobile devices. With a long press on the message, you can invoke the message extension menu and from there you can convert your message into a task and add it to either your personal To Do lists or shared lists. Isn\’t it amazing?

With this feature you can capture and track tasks in your personal lists, or capture and assign them to either yourself or others in shared lists. And just like we mentioned above, anything assigned to you will again be present in the ’Assigned to me’ list in To Do. To link the assigned tasks back to the chat context, users can click on the deep link provided in the task details in To Do and jump to the message from where the task was created in Teams conversation.

Tasks from Teams messages can be captured into users\’ shared lists or personal To Do lists.

If you’re new to Teams, you can download the Teams app to get started today. And To Do, you can download it here.

We can’t wait to hear how To Do is making task management easy for you – let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also write to us at [email protected].


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