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I have been doing it for years and there has never been any confusion. Maybe it\’s an OCD thing but I want an Admin Account for when I want to make any changes and a User Account that doesn\’t have Admin rights. I know it can be setup like that in Win 10. I don\’t know if I did something different when I setup the two users in Win 10 or if the option has been removed in Win 11. I\’m going to go ahead and admit defeat trying to set it up in Win 11. I\’m going to make a new user with my name and change it to Admin then remove the original user. Another OCD moment, I don\’t want my user\’s name to be the first 5 characters of my email. It looks like I just randomly hit keys and yes, it bothers me.

I also dislike the user name that MS account provides by default (as it is incomplete), and hate the fact that they don\’t allow the option to choose our user name during setup. Just don\’t get the logic of some of the things big tech do.That said, here is what you can try:1. Create a new admin user with a name of your choice.2. Delete the existing MS user.3. Create a new standard user with a name of your choice.4. Login to MS account on one of the user, i.e change local account to MS account.5. On the other user, i guess you won\’t be able to repeat step 4, i.e. converting the user to the same MS account used in step 4. But here, you login to Edge using the same MS account. When you do that, I guess you will get a prompt asking if you want to use the same account for all apps, Store and other system settings. When prompted, choose \’yes\’.If this works, then I guess you\’ll have both users using the same MS account.

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