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The main interface opens up with a ribbon on the top allowing you to choose the platform for which you’d like to download the game for. There are a couple of games below it, with a table comprising of Best-Sellers, New Products, and products that are coming soon. It is followed by a list of all their products on offer. On either side, you’ll find a backdrop with ongoing sales and deals.

Overall, the first impressions show that although the website is quite functional, it could use a design overhaul considering the entire experience isn’t up to the mark. I do use the website regularly, but it’s only to get straight down to business, and not enjoy and make the most of my time spent on the website.Key Features

As the name suggests, SCDKey is a portal for selling game and software keys online that can then, later on, be redeemed. This works as a digital game distribution marketplace and supports almost all the major gaming platforms. Now that we’ve made that clear, let us take a look at some of the key features of this website.

  • Multiple Platform Support

SCDKey supports a plethora of platforms for all your gaming needs. It has support for Xbox as well as PlayStation and provides keys for all the major clients on PC gaming such as Steam, Origin, and UPlay. Not only do they offer discounted deals for games, they also have offers for each client’s membership. You can purchase memberships for PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live, EA Access, and more. And the best part is that all of them are at such discounted rates, that in most cases, it’s a straightaway steal. While these clients themselves do offer sales, SCDKey offers year-round discounted rates, which is another plus point.

  • Huge Library of Games

Unlike most portals out there that only focus on old games, SCDKey boasts of a huge game library that not only includes all the latest games but also allows you to preorder upcoming games. For example, at the time of this writing, one can easily pre-order the full version for FIFA 18 and Destiny 2. Both of these are AAA titles that are available for dirt cheap rates. If you’re on the lookout for a bang-on deal on the most sought-after games, SCDKey has got your back.

  • Quick Delivery

SCDKey promises quick delivery of the game serial keys after your purchase. During your purchase, you’ll be required to enter your e-mail ID. Once the purchase has been completed, the serial key will be sent to your email ID within 10-30 mins. While most websites out there are known for being scam portals, SCDKey proves to be a reliable source for digital game shopping.

  • Software Solutions

While most digital marketplace websites out there only focus on providing deals for games, SCDKey takes a step further by even providing deals on essential software for your PC. As such, the portal provides cheap offers on Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office (Windows and macOS), and also a couple of anti-virus software. This actually makes things convenient for users as they can not only buy the games from SCDKey but even purchase the serial keys for their operating system, as well buy licensed protection.

  • Live Chat

SCDKey makes up for its sort-of bad user interface by providing a live chat feature to ease things out. You can talk to a sales representative or a chatbot to inquire various website related options. Do note that while the Live Chat works fine, there are a lot of language errors (as evident by the image below), so be wary of that.

User Experience

While the features offered by SCDKey are great, the way it has been implemented could have been better. The user experience is near average thanks to the mediocre user interface that the website offers. The entire layout of the website can be referred to as a jack of all trades, but master of none. Don’t get me wrong, the features offered here are really great, and in most cases, the prices are literally unbeatable. Like I mentioned earlier, the website just puts everything out there on the main screen. While it should technically make things easier for the user to access the various options, it ends up burning the candle at both ends, with the user not able to find most of the required options.

It is only once you get accustomed to the overall design of the website that you realize what you were looking for is located in front of your screen only. Once you know what you have to do, the website is quite reliable. In my user experience, it did take me a while to get used to the baroque style of things, but once I did, I actually was able to save a lot of cash off my pockets thanks to the great deals available. The entire process from purchasing the game to receiving the serial key was seamless and quick. Also, in case there happens to be a delay in the email, one can always check for their key under the User’s Profile options. And the customer support is also quite friendly, with the Live Chat deeming to be really helpful. On the whole, the entire user experience is good enough if only you can familiarize yourself with the overall interface.

Recommended Deals

The biggest USP of this site is the huge discounts and deals it offers. You can get up to 80% off on games and up to 70% off on software. Some of the most recommended deals at the time of writing are:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-Key

Original Price: $49.17, SCDKey Price: $15.22Savings: 69%

  • Office 2016 Professional Plus CD Key Global

Original Price: $213.51, SCDKey Price: $32.18Savings: 85%SCDKey: Worth it or Not?

SCDKey proves to be a great portal for purchasing legal copies of games and software for very cheap prices. While the overall interface is not that appealing, the features offered are great and help in saving you a lot of cash off your pockets in the end.


  • Dirt cheap rates
  • Verified purchases
  • Authentic portal


  • Complicated for new users

Save Your Money and Enjoy the Cheapest Offers on

Online digital marketplaces are on the rise, with multiple websites offering heavy discounts on most sought-after games. Facing competition from sites like G2A and Kinguin, SCDKey thrives to offer great discounts on games as well as software. It is one of those portals that give good enough competition to some of the biggest names such as Steam and GreenManGaming. Overall, given the functionality of the website, SCDKey is a great portal for online digital shopping, which is somewhat underrated due to its crappy interface.

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