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Hey, how imporant is having a recovery parition for your PC?My GF recently bought a PC from lenovo and in the past when she went to Staples to browse for a PC, they told her they offer a service where they set up a recovery drive for her, install antivirus, and remove bloatware for like $120. So she\’s asking if she needs to take this lenovo to Staples and get them to make that parition for her lol.My question is – is it easy to set this up myself (i\’m assuming yes) and how important is it? Like is it required for a factory reset? A recovery parition is not the same thing as a data back-up right?

Are you sure there isn\’t a recovery partition on the drive? Often, companies such as Dell, HP, Acer, and Lenovo inlcuded recovery partitions.You may have to press a specific function key to activate the recovery process or access the recovery partition.

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