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I\’m getting a laptop for my daughter for the holiday and want to install some type of parental control software on it. The main purpose is to restrict the types of things that can be accessed on the internet, but it wouldn\’t be a bad thing to also have control around what can\\can\’t be done on the system in general. I\’ve looked in to several solutions already, but would love to hear from people who use such software\\services.

If you just want to restrict access to things, and not necessarily monitor, doing your filtering at the router (or pihole device) is probably easiest/cheapiest/most effective. Set up a pihole, enable the DNS filtering for adult websites and you\’re off to the races. However it\’s not foolproof; if your kids want to get around it if they\’re smart/motivated. And without some advanced network setup, you\’ll be restricted against those sites as well on your own devices. Another option is to use a pihole, or also OpenDNS family shield (free DNS server).See here for more details: … ult_sites/EDIT: Regarding controlling what they can/do on the machine in general, the easiest way to do this without additonal software is to create a regular \’user\’ account for your kid, and then use local group policy to further lock down what they can do. Already just having a \’user\’ account will prevent them from doing things like installing software. And of course, you create an admin account for yourself with a strong password, so that you can do maintaince/install software/etc.

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