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Situation:I have a really old windows 10 machine (Core 2 duo) that I no longer use anymore but has a windows 10 installed on it (upgraded from Win7 days). I\’m also in the process of helping my brother build his new system and trying to keep costs down for him. How do I go about using the old windows 10 onto the new system? Simply just pull the HDD out and install into new system? As I thought Windows 10 was coded into the mobo? Thanks for any advice.

Pulling the HD out and installing it into a completely different machine will definitely force you to re-activate windows. However, if you still have access to an original Windows 7 OEM or Retail key, you can use that to activate a new Windows 10 install on the new machine.To save yourself from re-using the old HD, create a Windows 10 USB install using the MS Media Creation tool. Download available for free here: ** Edit ** Seems that RFD is still adding sponsored redirects to any URL I post on here. Just google \”windows media creation tool\” and it should be the first link.If the installer asks you for a key during the install, you can just skip it. After windows is installed and running, open the system settings and enter your Win 7 key to activate it.

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