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This question is bugging me, because I just want to know why, or what the solution might have been to this issue.I have an Acer laptop (SDM free with Shopper\’s Optimum Points) that was SLOW. Despite having 8 GB RAM. (It\’s a Celeron. Ugh.)Anyway – cloned the drive using Macrium, inserted the cloned SSD into the CD-Rom adapter that I bought on Amazon, and Windows and BIOS didn\’t detect it. I had changed my boot up option to be the CD-Rom 1st.I read that sometimes those pc\’s with CD-Rom drives only, had never had the sata connections set up properly in the BIOS. There were no options in BIOS to play around with, it was surprisingly minimal. There was no BIOS update for my pc either.So then, I swapped the HD inside the laptop with the SSD drive. Booted up great! Put the old (non SSD) into the CD-Rom tray and windows found it and listed it as another drive. Which is great! So no problems, really, but I want to know why was the SSD drive not found, at all – when it was inserted into the CD-ROM tray drive, using an SSD to CD tray adapter, but could find a reg. non SSD laptop hard drive .I have a feeling I could now swap the discs around if I wanted to, but it\’s probably pointless to do so. I\’d hate to open it up again just to do that. It\’s not cool when laptops are not made with easy to remove replaceable parts.Thanks for any input!

So I don\’t know specifically why it wouldn\’t recognize the drive at all but the SATA port inside your CD-ROM bay is a Micro-SATA port, not a full SATA port. This means it has half the bandwidth of the one where the HDD is. My best guess is that the SATA drive didn\’t like having it\’s bandwidth choked in half but either way, it would have performed far worse had it worked in the first place.

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