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I have ASUS desktop, Core I7, 2 TB HD, 8 or 10GB Ram…5 yrs old.It kept dying while trying to do a Windows 10 update. Because I can\’t turn off updates, it kept rebooting and trying to system restore. It finally went into a endless boot loop and I decided to do a clean install (I already backed up what I needed).I\’ve been pulling my hair out because the clean install kept running into problem after problem and I can\’t seem to fix it. Problems:> bootrec /fixboot ===> Access is Denied,> clockwatch timeout > attrib C:\\Boot\\BCD -h -r -s ===> path not found> and so on and so on. Judging by the forums I\’ve been reading, a clean install of Windows is not always a easy thing as I\’ve seen numerous people posting similar problems.I\’ve used Windows 10 ISO DVD, Windows 10 USB, WinPE, Paragon Rescue, Windows 10 Rescue Kit so far.I\’m at a point where I think I have to pay someone to do the clean install for me or I\’m considering putting in a small SSD drive and clean installing onto there and using the 2tb drive for my data alone. Questions:How much would someone charge me to do the Windows install. I\’m thinking they could probably format my HD and just clone a Windows 10 OS onto it.What do the experts think about this adding a SSD idea?Maybe just buy another refurb PC. for a couple of hundred $Any other advice?

Maybe your hard drive is dying.Consider getting a new one, or an SSD instead.

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