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i\’m looking for suggestions for a windows laptop. currently i have a 2012 15\” macbook pro retina /w 16gb ram and gt 650m video card.i\’m looking to possibly switch to windows (dont want any of the new macbooks) but have no idea where to start. besides general computer usage, i do work in photoshop, illustrator, minor video editing (after effects but mostly basic animation and cutting), web development (react.js etc), and audio work (FL Studio / Adobe Audition). zero interest in gaming.My macbook has been working just fine for these tasks up to this day. But physically its kinda falling apart now (backlit keys no longer work, screen coating is wearing off, left speaker blown, headphone jack no longer fully working, etc)I checked some reviews on various sites and a lot of them are pointing towards huawei matebook pros as the best bang for the buck laptops you can get? any other suggestions?i\’d like to stick with 15\” high pixel density screen (or a 13\” with really small bezels) and definitely at least 16gb of ram.Budget-wise..i dont know…1500ish?

Dell XPS 15. Solid design and build quality. You can get a pretty solid machine for $1500. https://www.dell.com/en-ca/shop/cty/pdp … 570_s1652e

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