On Windows 10, why my videos and photos were all in a sudden disappear into found.000 folders – RedFlagDeals.com Forums

When I try to create a new folder found.011 in my original video folder, the window explore indicates that there is already an existing found.011 folder. Even though the video folder is entirely empty, that was how I knew its existence. Even under DOS nor unticking hidden folder option, the folders of the found.### are not seen. I suspected that my disappeared photos and videos were hidden into those folders.How can I retrieve my videos and photos and recover from this hectic situation? I looked online but their suggestion(s) is not helpful. Did I experience a spam or an attack on my computer?

found.??? usually means the hard drive is going bad. Hopefully you backed up? If not I would shut down the PC and get a tech to backup what you have now and do a search for the missing.

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