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https://www.neverware.com/#intro…use CloudReady to get a Chrome device environment on almost any device\” It\’s FREE for personal use.I\’ve posted this suggestion on several HotDeal threads for Chromebooks.Ppl might want to consider taking old no longer used collecting dust laptops into a Laptop running CloudreadyOS [like a Chromebook]. I think from start [downloading files and following instructions on how to install it] to finish [Ready to use] it took around 1 hr to convert. Greatest thing is you don\’t have to determine all the drivers you need if you were to do a reformat. Everything just worked.The only negatives I\’ve found so far:> can\’t play movie DVD\’s anymore> I couldn\’t get VLC to run RTSP for my security cameras.This was done on a 11 yr old Dell Inspiron Laptop – Intel Core I3, was running Windows 7. Prior to the conversion it took over an hour to reboot and probably took at least 15 min just to load a browser.Machine is now very usable for browsing, watching YT or Netflix, reading email/Reddit/RFD/Instagram etc. Boot time from OFF was 42 seconds to the login screen….just over 1 min after logging in and browser was on the homepage.So if you have an old machine lying around, why not repurpose it.

I had an old MacBook and installed CloudReady ChromeOS but found it wanting. It was fast but there were too many little niggling issues. Then I installed various flavours of Linux and found them wanting too. I finally went back to the ancient and obsolete OS X Lion, but with modern browser support using Firefox Legacy.Maybe I’ll install ChromeOS on an old Windows laptop I have, or perhaps I’ll just donate it instead.

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